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We are proud to announce that we are working on the organic certification of Château de Roux and Château des Launes.

In the 1920s, a group of  farmers and consumer physicians developed an alternative mode of agricultural production favoring tillage, autonomy and respect for natural balances. The AB  (Organic Agriculture Organic Agriculture Label) governed by the Ministry of Agriculture, guarantees that the product  is composed of at least 95% of organically produced ingredients, does not contain any chemical dye, artificial flavor, synthetic additives or  chemical preservative and has not been irradiated.

To develop our rosé wines of Provence, we aim to  promote these historic and biological practices and  restore the natural balance of the environment. Henceforth, we will exclude the use of synthetic chemicals, GMOs and limit the use of additives, ensure production is respectful of the environment and animal welfare as well as recycle organic materials and practice responsible crop rotation.

We strive to maximize the natural defense system of the vine to limit treatments, despite the fact that it generates 20% to 30% additional labor compared to a conventional agriculture.

Since herbicides are banned in organic viticulture, soil maintenance can be based on 100% mechanical tillage in order to control weed development and the maintenance of natural plant cover, between and around the rows of vines. This will protect against erosion as well as improve the quality of the soil and therefore our wine too. 

It will take us a minimum of 3 years to obtain our organic certification during which we will be in "organic conversion".

We will keep you posted on our progress and look forward to announcing out AB certification’s completion!

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